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Invest in Your Pet’s Health for a Lifetime of Happy Memories with Pet Insurance

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We know you consider your pet a big part of your family, and we do too.

Pets are our best friends and companions through the good and the bad. That’s why it can be devastating when there is a sudden accident or illness.

Pet insurance covers you when you need it the most and helps you fulfill your responsibilities as a pet owner.

With pet insurance, you are prepared for unexpected veterinary bills that may otherwise take a big chunk out of your budget. A pet policy also allows you to rest assured your pet will receive the medical attention they need quickly.

Keep Your Pet Safe and Sound
with Access Insurance
Live in the Moment
It’s hard to focus on the now and make worry-free memories with your pet if you’re concerned about providing them with necessary medical care. Our brokers help you ensure you have the right pet coverage for sudden illnesses, accidents or preventive care.
Your Family is Our Priority
At Access Insurance, we believe in the importance of personalized service. Every time you need us, you can connect with the same broker. You can also access your policy any time you want through our app.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

  •  Illnesses and injuries
    Coverage is provided for medical expenses for illnesses or injuries caused by external factors or accidents.

  • Routine care
    Routine care coverage reimburses checkups, vaccinations, and preventive care.

  • Other
    More coverage options can include coverage for hospitalization, dental work, lab work, x-rays, prescriptions, and surgeries (including spaying).

  • Additional coverage
    Based on your pets’ condition and needs, you may add coverage for alternative therapy, behavioural therapy, or other types of therapy.

Different insurance providers may have varying terms and conditions for the coverage they provide. Typically, pet insurance may not cover expenses arising from pre-existing conditions, experimental therapies, cosmetic procedures (declawing, tail docking), and intentional injuries. Some insurance policies may not cover certain animal breeds.

Talk to an Access broker to learn more about our Partnership with Fetch Pet Insurance and to understand the type of coverage your pet will require.

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How to Get Pet Insurance in Canada?

Are you looking for the right insurance coverage that protects your pets and prevents you from being burdened with hefty vet bills? We’ve got exactly what you need.

  • We help you find insurance coverage suitable for your budget and your pet’s needs.

  • Our customer service team will use the information you provide us for the best insurance coverage options from top insurers in Canada.

  • We know how much you care for your pet; we work hard to make sure your pet gets the necessary coverage with no delay.

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