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Set Sail to New Horizons with Boat Insurance

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Sailing is one of the most rewarding and refreshing recreational activities out there.

Although it requires skill and attention to detail, that feeling of conquering the waves is worth it all.

If you’re passionate about going on adventures in your boat, you’re most likely also keen on taking necessary safety precautions and being prepared to keep your boat and your passengers safe. With the right boat insurance policy, you can make the most out of your seaborne adventures without a worry.

Keep Your Boat Protected
with Access Insurance
Leave Your Worries on the Shore
Don’t let yourself be burdened with concerns over common boating risks. Find the boat insurance policy that works for you and enjoy an immersive and relaxing experience on the soothing waves.
Your Boat is on Our Radar
We know how special your boat is to you, and we are passionate about protecting it with a policy that is picked specifically to fit its specifications and bring you assurance.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

  • Liability
    Liability coverage can cover you in case you are responsible for the damage or injury to a third party or their property.

  • Collision
    In case your boat is involved in a collision accident, collision coverage can compensate for damage incurred.

  • Comprehensive coverage
    This coverage provides you with compensation in the event of theft or damage caused by fires, vandalism, and other common perils.

  • Personal belongings
    This coverage protects the personal belongings of passengers in case of damage or theft.

  • Towing and assistance
    If your boat needs to be towed or if you need marine assistance, towing and assistance coverage can cover the costs.

Additional coverages you can add to your boat insurance policy can include navigational extension coverage, temporary replacement coverage, and more.

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How to Get Boat Insurance in Canada?

Before you let the wind carry you onto the welcoming waves, it’s important to make sure you have the proper protection for your boat and your passengers.

  • At Access Insurance, we are more than eager to help you find the boat insurance policy that keeps your worries at bay.
  • Our seasoned brokers can help you get lower premiums on your boat insurance by guiding you to implement more safety measures.
  • Pay no mind to the usual tediousness of shopping for insurance or making a claim. With superb customer service and efficient processes, we can get you back out on the water in no time.

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