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When it comes to business insurance for your Alberta business, Access Insurance offers an array of choices to protect your business, whether it’s a big corporate or small business. We understand that every business has its own needs and unique circumstances, so our skilled brokers provide advice so you can choose the best insurance option to protect your business.


Access Insurance works hard to make sure you have the insurance plan you need by comparing rates from the top insurance providers in Alberta. This gives you the ability to get the absolute best insurance coverage needed for your business and ensure long-term survival for your business.


Our Alberta-based team will help you focus on your business, regardless of the industry you work in, whether that’s oil & gas, transportation, manufacturing, property, or construction. Our team has the highest level of expertise in the insurance sphere. We’ll ensure you understand your policy details. Call an Access Insurance advisor now at 780.435.2400.

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Benefits of an Alberta-Based Commercial Insurance Broker 

There are many benefits to having a broker manage your insurance needs.

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What is Commercial Business Insurance?

Business insurance is a broad term used to refer to the essential types of insurance coverage options that Alberta-based business owners purchase to protect their livelihood.

Commercial insurance in Alberta serves as a financial safety net that helps a business recoup any losses due to unforeseen events. With insurance, you can restore your enterprise to its “pre-loss” state.

Since no business is the same, no commercial policy is the same. Each business has its risks and therefore your commercial insurance policy must be tailored to fit your business’s specific needs and how much business insurance you need.

What are the Different Types of Alberta Business Insurance Coverage?

There are many types of commercial insurance coverage options available for business owners to choose from according to the nature of their business operations, including:

    • Commercial Property InsuranceAny business with physical assets, whether it’s an office, or storage unit, needs to include commercial property coverage. This type of coverage can extend beyond the physical building to the equipment inventory and more.

  • Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions Insurance)Professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions, deals with financial protection from claims of negligence, slander, libel, misrepresentation, or any claim that doesn’t meet promised service standards.

  • Commercial Auto InsuranceMany businesses use vehicles to transport their products, equipment, tools, or employees. If you’re using your business vehicles for business activities, you will need a commercial auto insurance policy. A typical policy includes:

    • Third-party liability
    • Direct compensation for property damage
    • Accident benefits
    • Uninsured motorist
  • Cyber InsuranceIn this tech-forward age, every business depends on using software to operate their business. At the same time, hackers have been targeting business owners now more than ever, jeopardizing businesses’ reputations and livelihoods with data breaches and theft. Cyber liability insurance covers financial costs following cyber incidents, including crisis management costs, defence expenses, business interruption, and more.

  • Business Interruption InsuranceA disastrous loss, such as a fire, to your business property could wreak havoc on your business. Even if you have commercial property insurance to recoup your losses, it doesn’t cover the loss of revenue during an unexpected downtime. That’s where business interruption insurance comes in. Potential losses due to a business closure include revenue, employee income, taxes, mortgage or rent, and business loan installments.

  • Product Liability InsuranceA business that manufactures or sells products should consider purchasing a product liability policy. Your product or service you offer can cause third-party bodily injury or property damage which can damage your reputation and drain your finances. This insurance covers damage resulting from defective manufacturing, including incorrect labelling, safety warnings, and design defects.

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)One of the most essential coverages to have as a business owner is commercial general liability insurance. CGL insurance covers risks concerning third-party bodily injury and property damage. The most common claim with CGL insurance is slip and fall incidents that occur on your business premises.

  • Officers liability insuranceOfficers or directors of a company can also be held personally liable for their actions, and that’s where officers liability insurance comes in. This coverage protects the personal assets of these individuals if they are sued for wrongful acts.

If you want to know more about coverage options, reach out to our expert commercial insurance brokers for further information.
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Benefits of Commercial Business Insurance in Alberta

There are many benefits to having a secure commercial insurance policy in Alberta. Below we cover the top benefits for your organization.


    • Minimizes Financial LossInsurance can protect your business from potentially disastrous financial situations. Commercial insurance covers unexpected costs, such as replacing or repairing damaged property due to an insured loss and helps pay for legal fees if you are sued. You could be on the hook for medical expenses, legal fees, and replacement costs if you don’t have business insurance.

  • Promotes Business Livelihood and ContinuityAn unforeseen event that hits your business out of nowhere could end up in bankruptcy if you don’t have the required insurance.

  • Enhances the Business’s ImageIf you have business insurance, you are more likely to attract investors and lenders. Investors can rest assured that their assets will be protected in an emergency, leading them to be more confident doing business with you.

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Who Can Benefit from Business Insurance in Alberta?

Small Business Owners

You’re running a small business in Alberta, handling vendors, employees, and inventory. A small business insurance quote is easy to get. A small business insurance policy is necessary to keep your business afloat.

Automotive Industry

We make protecting your business and your people simple. Something as straightforward as commercial auto insurance can become a world of rabbit holes and mazes if you don’t have someone to steer you in the right direction. Trying to get the right coverage for a fleet of vehicles can add a layer of complexity.

Commercial Real Estate

Ownership groups and portfolio and property management organizations all have a stake in real estate risk management. From natural hazards to complex functional challenges, managing real estate risks, preventing losses and ensuring business operations can be challenging.

Construction & Surety

It takes a lot of moving parts to complete a successful construction project. To make sure it all goes off without a hitch, an insurance broker can provide a personalized service that builds the insurance coverage you need.

Farm Industry

We know insurance for those who farm because it’s our job to understand your business and make sure our clients are protected. Farm insurance is a staple in Alberta, and we pride ourselves in local knowledge and expertise to get you the best rates we can.

Health Care

In a complex industry that is constantly changing, you need an insurance broker that is up-to-date and responsive. You don’t have time to do the legwork and why should you? That’s part of how we make it easy for you. We provide healthcare sector insurance solutions for hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical and para-medical professionals and organizations.

Hospitality & Food Service

Because you work in an industry based on service, you know good service from great service. Access Insurance provides the great service you’re looking for along with the expertise you need for everything from risk management to claims situations.


Did you know giving advice is wrought with potential legal issues? Doctors, lawyers, consultants, and even auto mechanics and hairstylists are considered advisors. So, if you’re an advisor in Alberta, you should think about professional liability insurance. If you give your clients information as an expert, you could be liable.


If you operate in the manufacturing industry, your focus is on business development, product expertise and process efficiency. You want your business to succeed, and Access Insurance is here to help you do it. Knowing you’ve got the right insurance to cover your risks and prevent losses will help you focus on what matters most: your business.

Oil & Gas

Many oil and gas companies have specific risks that only industry experts can understand. Access Insurance offers smart, clear guidance and options for your insurance needs. Your custom insurance package may include commercial property insurance, liability insurance, vehicle insurance, or any combination of specialty products designed just for your business needs.


Working in retail can be exciting and fun, but figuring out the insurance side rarely is. Your retail operation requires several different coverages to protect your inventory, employees, and property. A few coverage options include business interruption and liability insurance. Access Insurance helps you get the proper coverage for your Alberta-based retail business.


In the complex world of IT, your processes, clients and expertise mean you have specific needs. Access Insurance has in-house specialists who understand your industry. By combining property, liability and other professional insurance needs in a customized package, we help provide the best coverage at competitive rates.

Our commercial insurance advisors in Alberta are some of the best and can offer you advice on your specific policy needs in a variety of different industries. Let’s find you the right business insurance.

All Alberta business owners can benefit from our insurance professional services. It’s simple and easy to get a free quote from one of our experienced brokers. Click on the Get a Quote button below to get started.

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Alberta Commercial Insurance FAQs

The insurance coverage options you include in your policy and your policy limits differ from one business to the next. There’s no one-size-fitsall policy limit for business owners. To get a correct estimate of your business liability insurance, speak to one of our commercial insurance brokers today.  

Absolutely! It’s a common misconception that a home-based business doesn’t need commercial insurance. Your home insurance is not enough to cover the risks associated with operating a business from your home. The type of coverage you require will depend on the nature of your business and other factors. Talk to one of our expert brokers about what your business insurance needs for your specific business. Business insurance protects your livelihood against any unexpected events.

One of the best ways to save on your Alberta business insurance rate is to shop around before you decide on the business insurance provider. Comparing quotes from multiple insurers can help you find a good deal, as well as bundling insurance policies. Ask our skilled brokers about how you can reduce your rate, including potential discounts, raising your deductible, and implementing risk mitigation strategies.

Business liability insurance provides coverage for liability claims made against your business by third parties for bodily injury or property damage caused by your business operations, products, or services. It also covers legal expenses and court costs, settlements or judgments that may result from these claims. In addition to general liability coverage, there are also specialized types of liability insurance that can cover specific risks such as professional liability, product liability, and cyber liability.