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Elite Recreational

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Whether you want to have fun on the road, in the water, or at your cabin, we offer the coverage you need to protect you during your adventures.

Elite VIP Recreational Insurance is a policy designed to protect against legal liability and physical injury while participating in recreational activities. It may provide protection for gear, vehicles, and equipment as well as other extras, depending on the policy.

Coverage may be necessary for individuals who regularly take part in extreme activities, such as bungee jumping or ice climbing.

Elite recreation insurance is also available for organized events, such as marathons or sports competitions. Coverage typically includes personal liability, medical, and accident protection, as well as emergency and medical evacuation in extreme cases.

Elite VIP Recreation Insurance offers protection against a variety of risks associated with recreational activities through the following coverage:
  • Liability for bodily injury or property damage

  • Medical expenses

  • Coverage of gear and equipment

  • Trip interruption

  • Accidental death and dismemberment

  • Lost or stolen personal items

You can also obtain Elite VIP recreational insurance for your recreational vehicles, including:
  • ATVs

  • RVs

  • Snowmobiles

  • Motorhomes

  • Other recreational vehicles

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