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Elite VIP Personal Insurance Solutions
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Enjoy the Present and Feel Confident about the Future with Elite VIP Insurance

We know that you have worked hard for all that you have achieved, from your beautiful home filled with family memories to that car you have been dreaming of for years – nothing of value comes easily. No matter what your individual situation is, be it the business you have worked so hard to get off the ground or something else, Access Elite VIP Personal Insurance is designed to help you safeguard your hard-earned accomplishments.
Even with a well-planned trip, you may have to deal with things like lost luggage, cancellations, or medical emergencies. Having the right travel insurance plan makes it a lot easier to handle these situations with minimal financial loss and no hassle.

Keep These “Well Done Me!” Milestones Protected
Ensuring that everything you care about is covered
Our Elite Insurance Program provides options, so you can feel informed, confident and protected.
Keeping your assets secure is our main focus
Elite Insurance covers all your business and personal needs and offers specialized protection for your luxury assets.
How to Get Elite VIP Insurance in Canada

Are you looking for the perfect coverage for your valuable assets? Access Elite VIP Personal Insurance is designed to protect your high-value assets and provide you with the peace of mind you need, with high coverage limits and coverage against risks.

  • Our team in Alberta will search through our multiple insurance options across Canada to provide full coverage for your high-value assets, no matter where they are located. Luxury items, such as vacation homes, multiple properties, luxury cars, RVs, ATVs, jewelry, art, antiques, or life should be meant for enjoyment, not stress.
  • Forget the tediousness of shopping for insurance or filing a claim. With excellent customer service and efficient processes, we can get you back out on the water in no time.
  • Access ELITE provides the highest quality of Elite VIP Personal & commercial insurance. We will explain the details of our findings, how the insurance works, and how you will be covered in a straightforward manner, so you can save time and money in the long run.

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