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Whether you are starting from the ground up or becoming a franchisee, building a business requires commitment, dedication, and a team you can trust. Our Access Elite brokers understand the needs of entrepreneurs and can provide you with the best liability protection for your business. Our team will search across Canada to find the package and rate that best suit your needs, so you can focus your attention on what matters most: your business. Access Elite provides the highest quality of commercial insurance. We will explain the details of our findings, how the insurance works, and how you will be covered in a straightforward manner, so you can save time and money in the long run.

Elite VIP Commercial Insurance is specialized insurance designed to cover businesses from a variety of liabilities. This type of insurance is tailored to fit the specific needs of an individual business and can offer a wide range of coverage, such as property damage, product liability, workers’ compensation, cyber liability, and more. Elite commercial insurance can help protect a business’s assets and livelihood and protect against any potential legal costs from related issues that might arise.

Elite home insurance covers luxury properties,
secondary properties, vacation homes, and can also
cover multiple properties.

Elite VIP Commercial Insurance covers a variety of exposures for businesses, including:
  • Property damage.

  • Product liabilities.

  • Workers’ compensation.

  • Cyber liability.

  • Umbrella liability.

  • Professional liability.

  • Crime and fraud protection.

Additional coverage may include:
  • Natural disasters.

  • Transportation risks (if the company handles shipping or transportation of goods).

  • Business interruption (lost customers and profits due to a covered event).

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