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Reach New Heights and Build a Successful Future with Construction Insurance

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It takes an incredible amount of focus and dedication to deliver a construction project successfully.

There can be many risks to manage throughout a project that can involve large sums of money due to the intricacy of the process.

A strong construction insurance policy ensures your project’s progress will not be hindered by common construction site risks. A secure policy will also ease the ability to manage potentially stressful situations and stay on track to deliver a high-quality project in a competitive and evolving industry.

Keep Your Competitive Edge and Sturdy Reputation
with Access Insurance
Lay the Foundation for Risk-Free Construction
Design, procurement, and scheduling are just a few of the complex processes that help contractors prepare for construction – but don’t forget to invest in construction insurance so you’re prepared to overcome challenges if something goes wrong.
Ensure Your Spot at the Top
Every project is different in its specifics, scale, and challenges. At Access Insurance, our brokers are experienced in handling a variety of different types of policies. We can find you construction insurance coverage that protects your ambitious endeavours and protects you from significant losses.

What Does Construction Insurance Cover?

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance
    General liability insurance provides coverage in case a claim is made by a third party after a site-related accident causes injury or damage to their property.

  • Builders Risk Insurance
    This coverage protects the buildings or structures under construction over the duration of the project against physical damage costs.

  • Wrap-up Liability Insurance
    Various parties participate in the completion of a construction project. Wrap-up liability insurance ensures all parties involved are protected under one insurance policy.

  • Professional Liability Insurance
    Also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance, professional liability insurance provides coverage in case a claim is made by a third party after injuries, physical losses, or non-physical and economic losses occur because of a design error or negligence.

Additional coverage for construction insurance can include pollution liability, commercial crime, and equipment breakdown.

Speak to an Access Insurance broker to get an expert opinion on the construction insurance coverage options your project requires.

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How to Get Construction Insurance in Canada

Excited to get started on an ambitious and aspirational construction project? With Access Insurance, you’ll be able to venture into the construction site with nothing holding you back from delivering an efficient and successful project.
Access brokers use their experience to help you get reliable coverage and deliver excellent customer service. Here are a few ways we serve our clients:

  • Our extensive experience in insurance for the construction industry guarantees you’re getting expert advice, from premium rates to coverage recommendations.
  • We understand the importance of your insurance policy’s fine print when it comes to large-scale projects. We work hard to make sure your insurance policy is reliable and gap-free.
  • At Access Insurance, we help you beyond buying insurance – our customer service team is dedicated to helping you with any inquiries or claims for the duration of your project.

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