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Your Liquor Liability as a Social Host

Fall and winter celebrations, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s, typically include large gatherings of families and friends, crowded parties and travel. When planning to host a holiday celebration, you should assess current COVID-19 levels in your community to determine whether to postpone, cancel, or limit the number of attendees.

Hosting a social event that involves serving alcohol can also potentially make you liable for any damage or injuries resulting from that alcohol consumption. In the event that you are serving alcohol in your home, here’s what you need to know about your liability and what you may need to do in the event of a claim.

Serving alcohol on your property to guests who are already intoxicated may make you legally responsible for their actions. Large parties, such as weddings and staff parties, increase your risk, as it is much more difficult to monitor the alcohol consumption of so many guests.

Liquor liability extends to:

  • Anyone serving alcohol past the point of intoxication
  • Anyone owning or responsible for the premises of the event
  • Employers at staff events where employees are consuming alcohol
  • Sponsors of any potentially dangerous activities

In the event that a claim is filed against you, it is very important that you contact your insurance representative immediately and record all relevant information, including names and contact information for witnesses to the incident or those with information about it.

Do not admit liability and direct all conversations or questions from the claimant to your insurer.

Contact Access Insurance Group Ltd today to learn more about your liquor liability and how you can reduce your risk the next time you host a social event!