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Prevent Theft and Trespassing On-Site

Cases of construction site theft increased in 2021 after lumber prices spiked. In one instance, $10,000 worth of plywood was stolen from a construction site, according to Vancouver police. While lumber prices have since fallen, it is still important to be aware of potential theft risks when managing work sites. There is often expensive equipment and materials at such sites that—without sufficient security measures in place—may attract criminals.

Consider the following tips to prevent theft and trespassing on-site:
  • Keep work sites brightly lit. Construction sites are often located in dark, open areas. Invest in high-powered, motion-activated lighting to deter criminals from trespassing.
  • Set up security cameras. These cameras may not only aid in catching criminals, but could also dissuade criminal activity from occurring in the first place.
  • Hire security guards. Security guards can help protect the premises on nights and weekends. Many construction sites are left vacant outside of work hours and can attract unwanted activity, making guards all the more valuable during these times.
  • Post signage. Make it clear that the work site is off-limits to the public by posting signs around the perimeter. These signs should also highlight that violators will be prosecuted.
  • Use locks. There are many different locks that can be used to secure machinery and equipment, such as panel locks and oil and gas cap locks. Additionally, be sure to lock any vehicles left on-site.
  • Establish appropriate delivery schedules. Try to avoid getting shipments of materials on Fridays, as doing so could leave those materials vulnerable to theft over the weekend.

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