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5 Tips to Create an Effective Training Program in the Manufacturing Sector

As the workforce ages, it can be difficult to fill skilled production jobs in the manufacturing sector. With an increase in hiring younger and less-experienced workers, it’s crucial to design, create and deliver an effective training program to teach the up-and-coming workforce correctly.

Keep the following five tips in mind while developing training for the next generation of technicians:

1. Perform a Training Needs Analysis

Identify the skill gaps where workers need to be trained.

2. Identify and Measure Business Goals

Make sure you align training with business goals by assessing what the company hopes to accomplish. After training is complete, see if it had a positive, measurable effect on one or more business goals.

3. Complete a Task Analysis

When training workers to develop new skills, completing a task analysis can help break the procedure down into a series of smaller steps so the trainer can properly educate the trainer on the process.

4. Create Learning Objectives

A learning objective is what the new workers take away after training is complete and functions as a road map for the training program.

5. Perform a Learner Analysis

Make training programs learner-centric and focus on what individual workers need. A learner analysis identifies which tasks trainees need help with most.

Training programs are essential for strengthening the skills of employees, creating knowledgeable staff and a safe working environment.

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