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Access Insurance is partnering with GoldKey Registry to make renewing your vehicle registration and settling ticket conviction fines a breeze.

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With this partnership, customers can access and pay for all their vehicle registration and ticket conviction fines effortlessly through the secure GoldKey Registry website and mobile app. Now you never have to worry about long lineups or missing your registration renewal date, saving you both time and money!
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At Access Insurance, we provide customers with the highest level of convenience with our new partnership with GoldKey Registry. With this service, customers can save both time and money, with the bonus of having their registration slip sent directly to their address.
Why is it so important?

Not registering your vehicle can have serious consequences, as it is a legal requirement. Fines can range from hundreds of dollars to even having your vehicle impounded if you fail to comply. Furthermore, not properly registering your vehicle means you won’t receive reminder notices if there is an issue with your registration or a recall related to your vehicle. As a result, you may be in the dark about important changes to your registration and vehicle, putting you and other drivers at risk.

Having your vehicle registered is important if it is lost or stolen, as it supplies proof of ownership and helps the authorities identify who the rightful owner is. With proper registration, the authorities will be able to track your vehicle, recover it faster and return it to its rightful owner. Registration also makes it easier for police to find and apprehend the suspect in cases of theft, as the registered owner’s information can be quickly retrieved.

Registering your vehicle helps the government keep a record of all vehicles in operation, so they can ensure that all vehicles on the roads are properly licensed and insured. This helps promote a safe driving environment by making sure all vehicles obey the rules of the road and have the appropriate insurance coverage in the event of an accident. Moreover, vehicle registration serves as proof that a driver is legally responsible for any damage or injury they cause with their vehicle, which can help protect them in the case of a lawsuit.

How Can You Use this Service?

Now, you can easily view, access, and pay for your vehicle registration and ticket convictions through the secure online portal, GoldKey Registry.

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For any questions or issues regarding registry services such as fine payments, collections, and refunds, please reach out to GoldKey Registry at 403-934-2375 or contact our team at Access to redirect you to the proper channel or answer your inquiry.

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